Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Marriage should not be formalized blindly

Marriage is the process by which two people make their relationship public, official, and permanent. It is the joining of two people in a bond that lasts until death. Unfortunately in Bhutan, the maximum case registered in the court is the divorce. One reason could be incompatibility of marriage. Therefore, it is very important to approach astrologer to see the compatibility before formalizing marriage. Please note that even if you love the person more than anybody you should stop if compatibility doesn’t suit.
To check proper match, you have to study two important things:
1. Compatibility of Birth Sign
2. Compatibility of Birth Elements

The element-animal combination permits great refinement and precision in determining the types of relationship between natives of different years, and this aspect is frequently possible chances of good understanding between partners.

As a general rule, compatibility between both animals and elements is taken into consideration, although since the relations between elements seem to play a more decisive role, they are accorded greater importance.

Please note that relationships, contracts, and marriages between partners who have both enemy-elements and enemy-animals are highly inadvisable. Such a union risks disaster from two sides: the partner with the conqueror element will not only experience deep disagreement but will also exercise cruel dominance over his or her partner.

The below chart may be used to check relationship compatibility and accordingly select your life partner.

Wood Rat
Fire, Water, Monkey, Cow, Dragon
Metal, Earth, Horse,
Wood Cow
Fire, Water, Rat, Bird, Snake
Metal, Earth, Sheep,
Tiger, Horse
Fire Tiger

Earth, Wood, Dog,
Horse, Pig
Water, Metal, Monkey,
Cow, Snake
Fire Hare

Earth, Wood, Pig,
Dog, Sheep
Water, Metal, Bird,
Dragon, Horse
Earth Dragon
Metal, Fire, Rat, Monkey, Bird
Wood, Water, Dog,
Tiger, Hare
Earth Snake
Metal, Fire, Cow, Bird
Wood, Water, Pig,
Metal Horse
Water, Earth, Tiger,
Dog, Sheep
Fire, Wood, Cow, Rat

Metal Sheep
Water, Earth, Pig, Hare, Horse
Fire, Wood, Cow, Rat

Water Monkey
Wood, Metal, Rat,
Earth, Fire, Tiger, Pig
Water Bird
Wood, Metal, Cow, Snake, Dragon
Earth, Fire, Hare, Dog

Wood Dog
Fire, Water, Tiger, Horse, Hare
Metal, Earth, Dragon,
Wood Pig

Fire, Water, Hare,
Sheep, Tiger
Metal, Earth, Snake,
Fire Rat

Earth, Wood, Monkey, Cow, Dragon
Water, Metal, Horse,
Fire Cow

Earth, Wood, Rat,
Bird, Snake
Water, Metal, Sheep, Tiger, Horse
Earth Tiger
Metal, Fire, Dog,
Horse, Pig
Wood, Water, Monkey, Cow, Snake
Earth Hare

Metal, Fire, Pig, Dog, Sheep
Wood, Water, Bird,
Dragon, Horse
Metal Dragon
Water, Earth, Rat,
Monkey, Bird
Fire, Wood, Dog,
Tiger, Hare
Metal Snake
Water, Earth, Cow, Bird
Wood, Fire, Pig, Tiger
Water Horse
Wood, Metal, Tiger, Dog, Sheep
Earth, Fire, Cow, Rat

Water Sheep
Wood, Metal, Pig,
Hare, Horse
Earth, Fire, Rat, Cow

Wood Monkey
Fire, Water, Rat,
Metal, Earth, Tiger,
Wood Bird

Fire, Water, Cow, Snake, Dragon
Metal, Earth, Hare, Dog

Fire Dog

Earth, Wood, Tiger, Horse, Hare
Water, Metal, Dragon,
Fire Pig

Earth, Wood, Hare, Sheep, Tiger
Water, Metal, Snake, Monkey
Earth Rat

Metal, Fire, Monkey, Cow, Dragon
Wood, Water, Horse,
Earth Cow

Metal, Fire, Rat, Bird, Snake
Wood, Water, Sheep,
Tiger, Horse
Metal Tiger
Water, Earth, Dog, Horse, Pig
Fire, Wood, Monkey,
Cow, Snake
Wood Horse
Fire, Water, Tiger,
Dog, Sheep
Metal, Earth, Rat,
Wood Sheep
Fire, Water, Pig, Hare,
Metal, Earth, Cow, Rat
Fire Monkey
Earth, Wood, Monkey, Dragon
Water, Metal, Tiger, Pig

Fire Bird

Earth, Wood, Cow,
Snake, Dragon
Water, Metal, Hare, Dog

Earth Dog

Metal, Fire, Tiger, Horse,
Wood, Water, Dragon,
Earth Pig

Metal, Fire, Hare,
Sheep, Tiger
Wood, Water, Snake,
Metal Rat

Water, Earth, Monkey, Cow, Dragon
Fire, Wood, Horse,
Metal Cow

Water, Earth, Rat,
Bird, Snake
Fire, Wood, Sheep,
Water Tiger
Wood, Metal, Dog, Horse, Pig
Earth, Fire, Monkey, Cow, Snake
Water Hare

Wood, Metal, Pig, Dog, Sheep
Earth, Fire, Bird,
Dragon, Horse
Wood Dragon
Fire, Water, Rat, Monkey, Bird
Metal, Earth, Dog
Tiger, Hare
Wood Snake
Fire, Water, Cow, Bird
Metal, Earth, Pig
Fire Horse

Earth, Wood, Tiger, Dog, Sheep
Water, Metal, Cow, Rat

Fire Sheep
Earth, Wood, Pig,
Hare, Horse
Water, Metal, Rat, Cow

Earth Monkey
Metal, Fire, Rat,
Wood, Water, Tiger,
Earth Bird
Metal, Fire, Cow,
Snake, Dragon
Wood, Water, Hare,
Metal Dog
Water, Earth, Tiger, Horse, Hare
Fire, Wood, Dragon,
Metal Pig
Water, Earth, Hare, Sheep, Tiger
Fire, Wood, Snake,
Water Rat
Wood, Metal, Monkey, Cow, Dragon
Earth, Fire, Horse,
Water Cow
Wood, Metal, Rat,
Bird, Snake
Earth, Fire, Horse,
Wood Tiger
Fire, Water, Dog,
Horse, Pig
Metal, Earth, Monkey,
Cow, Snake
Wood Hare
Fire, Water, Pig, Dog, Sheep
Metal, Earth, Bird.
Dragon, Horse
Fire Dragon
Earth, Wood, Rat,
Monkey, Bird
Water, Metal, Dog,
Tiger, Hare
Fire Snake
Earth, Wood, Cow, Bird
Water, Metal, Pig,
Earth Horse
Metal, Water, Tiger, Dog, Sheep
Wood, Water, Rat, Cow

Earth Sheep
Metal, Fire, Pig, Hare, Horse
Wood, Water, Rat,
Metal Monkey
Water, Earth, Rat, Dragon
Fire, Wood, Tiger, Pig

So please understand properly and tie the knot accordingly. Don’t influenced by false love and promises made by the opposite sex. 
Those who had already married and if found not compatible, please exercise extreme care.

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