Sunday, August 11, 2019

Handing over to wisdom-sighted dharma protectors to go through dreaded place without hindrances.

In olden days it is extremely difficult to get teachings from renowned Lama as they dwell in far away places. Nevertheless devoted Students from Bhutan take extreme hardship and go to locate their teacher in Tibet. On the way they were subjected to unending violence, robbery etc. Still they managed to find their teacher and get teaching. Some of these students include, His Holiness Lama Tenzin Jamtsho, His Holiness Je Geshey Gedun Rinchen, and His Holiness Lama Serpo Rinpoche.
(His Holiness Lam Tenzin Jamtsho)
(His Holiness Je Geshey Gedun Rinchen)
(His Holiness Lama Serpo Rinpochen
On returning after completion of their studies they come easily due to strong personnel letter issued by their respective teachers. They were also handed over to the wisdom-sighted dharma protectors for protection.
One such letter is given below.
(His Holiness Gyelse Gyured Dorji Rinpoche)
This was the Letter written by Gyelse Gyurmed Dorji Rinpoche (Lama Serpo’s root teacher) for the safety of Lama Serpo ( Rigdzing Pelden Rinpoche) on his way from Tibet to Bhutan.

“The subjects of Dharma King of Dege Province and up to the boarder of Bhutan heed this letter.
My disciple and Lama along with his attendants are on their way. Please assist them with whatever necessity they need. I entrusted them to the Dharma Protectors to guide and protect them from all threats and harm that may befall them, so support them in the enhancement of spiritual advancement.
In case, if they were robbed, teased, imprisoned or troubled in whatever form, the accused will be cursed and exposed to death by the wisdom-sighted dharma protectors.
Therefore, I advocate all to act accordingly.’
Gyelse Gyurmed Dorji
Azom Dharma Center
By the blessing of this letter, Rinpoche returned to Bhutan safely.
Such is the power of Buddhism.

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