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Paro Drakap Monastery is an abode of gods and goddess.

Darkap Monastery in Shaba (Paro Dzongkang) is considered one of the holiest and most sacred Monastery in Bhutan. Guru Rinpoche created the space of the monastery in the 8th Century AD. 
If you carefully observe the Monastery, it is located on the heart of the cliff. Legend has it that Guru Rinpoche on reaching the site immediately dug out some rocks from the cliff to create space for his meditation. The removed rocks were pasted on the cliff nearby. You can physically see the same still today. The present monastery is currently located on this site. Because of this extraordinary act the Monastery was known as Drakap or Monastery of splited rocks. 
Thanks to the discovery of an incomplete 13 folios Namthar. Although many important pages were missing, the document describes the history of the very sacred sites. 
In the description it was mentioned that the summit of the cliff resembles that of Mount Tisi, the base that of Mount Tsari and the middle portion that of Lachi chu. 
It was also documented that the cliff has a Vajrayana Kilkhor and is the residence of Rigsum Gonpo, the 21 Dolma Tara and the 1000 Buddhas all of which one can see during auspicious days. Khandro Yeshey Tshogyal, Machig Labdon and a thousand dakinis also blessed the cliff.
You can also see the footprints of Khandro Yeshey Tshogyal and place where Maching Labdon offered her body. Dakinis also made offering of Tshog here.
The site was also concurrently blessed by:
1. The First Namkhai Nyingpo
2. Lam Drukpa Kuenley
3. Lam Phajo Dugom Zhigpo
4. Virocana
5. Drupthop Thangtong Gyalpo
They all left their imprints on the cliff. 
The Monastery also houses many sacred nagtens and treasures.
1. Guru Pema Jugney 
2. Guru Nagsi Zilnon
3. Khandro Yeshey
4. Lhacham Mandarava
5. Lord Buddha
6. Chenrizi
7. Deity Daka Tsen
Because of presence of such nagtens, it is believed it delivers anything one seeks for. 
It is also believed that if a childless mother/ father seeks blessing here she is gifted with children.
Nowadays, many people from all over the country visit Drakap Monastery and make 108 round of the entire sites. It takes full 2 days to complete the religious task. It is believed that the effort helps in removing all defilements and accumulated sins and pave way to be born in Amitabh Land.
People who had completed the 108 rounds were seen Happy for accomplishing the task. 
I have visited a few years back and again am planning to visit.
So friends, don't forget to visit such sacred site that is easily accessible.

Note: I have posted this article in year July 17, 2017.

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