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Lopen Kinley Gyeltshen /Geshey Lekshed Jamtsho Rinpoche (1947-2014)

With the ripening of past imbibing faith and benediction sowed towards upholding and disseminating the Drukpa tradition, and to nurture all beings, have contribute to the enhancement of human existence, His Eminence Kinley Gyeltshen Alias Lekshed Jamtsho, was born to late Yap Dasho Dophu and Yum late Phurpa Dolma at Toeb Menchuna on the male boar year in 1947. At his premature age, his late mother enrolled him at Pungthim Central Monastic body under the lexicographical section. With fervent diligence and renunciation from the mundane world, he excelled in all monastic studies and enabled him to win the entire expectation and being reputed by all.
His pursuit for further studies started from Wangduetse, Sangzab (present Semtokha), Tango, Bumthang and Denjong. His Holiness Dilgo Khentse Rinpoche, Lama Gyalwang Nyima, Khen Tsuendu, Khenpo Dazer, Khen Lode Zangpo, Khenchen Kinga Wangchuk, Khewang Gyeden Rinchen were those highly revered masters from whom he received the general literature, extra - ordinary doctrines of sacred literature and widely covering all the branches of the Great Thirteen Buddhist Textual Arts.
In the meantime, he received an honorific title of master. Later on he went to Tango where under the tutelage of His Holiness late Jamyang Yeshi Singye and from His Benevolence Holiness Tenzin Dendup, he received the general literature and particularly the glorious Drukpa tradition; the blessing of ripening, an empowerment of deliverance and oral transmission of support and reference. After completing the preliminary retreat with various propitiations, and the series of basis and mystic perfection, he gradually took over to nurture the devoted disciples at Chari, the peak of meditation, Dechen Phodrang and Phajoding Jamkhang Shedra.
Establishment of Tango Buddhist College and his Legacies.
It was in 1988, when the 68th Je Khenpo His Holiness Tenzin Dendup Rinpoche and His Majesty the Fourth King issued a Royal Command on the first ever elegant source of Glorious Drukpa’s Doctrinal teachings and practices should be established at Tango. It was formally instituted as the central institution for the higher Buddhist studies.

It was by then His Eminence who was summoned on the Royal Command to take over as the founding abbot and presided over all the moral duties. It was that time; his considerate thoughts arose to follow the footsteps of those successive lines of awakened and great sages who had put forward the diverse advancement of doctrinal teaching of Buddha and bestowed benefits and legacies to the vulnerable beings. In order to accomplish the goal of inspiration, he worked tirelessly day and night putting without restriction to his health, bringing the spiritual and temporal section of life together where necessary.
More exceedingly, he was subjected to thought of a greater accomplishment to be achieved none other than in the state of being holistic towards spiritual. By then, His Eminence had instilled the aspiration of not doing for the individual benefits and indulged in indolence, either. As an oath of devotion towards achieving all the spiritual goals, he prayed with unwavering and undefiled faith and made a solemn promise in front of the precious sanctum of Buddha Shakyamuni, which is the main sanctuary status of Sacred Tango at present. In the abode of Mahakala, the main protective deity and its retinues, the Guardian deity of Tango, Bagyed, His Eminence offered sacrificial offerings as an oblation and invoked the deities to aid in achieving all the goals spontaneously.
As like a summer clouds hovering over the sky-collecting vapor, a buzzing bees looking and collecting fragrance from the flowers with detachment, His Eminence nurtured all the disciples more particularly with reference to his boundless compassion, affection and sympathy. He put all possible methods mitigating the four kinds of religious service; and the four essential of partnership or co-operation for other’s care and protection.
By that time, His Eminence was like a great merchant of a ship sailing towards the land of a precious gem, without any faintheartedness, he administered the preaching and initiations on the three classes of the sacred textual writings and promoted their resilience.
Like a swan waver to the pond, his benevolence and affections was always rolled to those assemblage of disciples and retinues with imparting the basic of all the teachings like orthographies, grammar and literature. In particularly, to make the orthodox of sacred literatures indispensable, he administered more than a times depending on the time and intellect of the disciples. With the consecutive passing out after exclusive training and studies under his prestigious tutorial ship, all the disciples were enriched with the sublime wisdoms.
The high profiles with spiritualistic knowledge possessed individuals are scattered all over the Institutional and meditational centres, organizations like monastic centres, schools, and university. By generating and nurturing all those elegant pupils, the light of wisdom cleared all the darkness of ignorance and it is credited to His Eminence’s benevolence and legacies.
As a connective means, he followed the great legend of those superior forgone predecessor, narrated their biographies and their sacrifices for the benefit of sentient beings. In following their path, he stressed on the importance of generating a cherishing mind for others and unusual attitude towards the spiritual community.
Being patriotic and taking care of one’s identity, and to value the doctrinal teachings in an appropriate conduct; were his core precepts among many. In order to make into a real person of inspiration, he was deemed to have taught even the basis of moving about with a good behaviour, good conduct and duties in daily practices of offering and ritual performance.
In doing so, we should not have the intention of fruition or gaining fame, rather he said, it is a good cause to accumulate merit if we appeased others and have good moral conductivities. To bring the modern and ancient section of life together, he envisioned - there is no way without a method by promoting the strength and manifestation of modern education, being mindful in health and religion, importance of natural environment and its vulnerabilities. By imparting all those valuable lessons and instalments impartially to the entire lineage of disciples, they were enabled to be won his entire expectation and appraised their diligence vice versa.
While presiding over the Tango College of Buddhist Studies, it was during the construction of great courtyard where he personally supervised the work, in order not to miss used the funds and laborers provided by the government. Today, the Tango Dzong is magnificently stood on its glorious sight for the outsiders with all sets of gold and silver artifacts placed in each chamber of temples inside. But, without the farsighted guidance of His Eminence, it won’t have withstood at this time.
Reincarnate of Gyalse Truelku.
More inspiringly, on the commemoration of the death anniversary of Gyalse Tenzin Rabgay, which falls on the 25th day of every fourth month, he presided over with his fervent prayers, had an ocean full of varieties of offerings and profoundly commemorated. In quest for a continuous doctrinal teachings and liberation of sentient beings, he made an immortal prayers and wishes with weeping faith to the embodiment of his Late Gyalse’s remains for the swift reincarnate born.
His fervent prayers and wishes were paid off spontaneously, where without much prolong, the blissful voice was sounded in the sky proclaiming Gyalse Truelku being reincarnated in the east. It brought him an immense joy and was anticipated for whence the Truelku be able to visit his previous resident. That too didn’t prolong much, as the concerned authority cleared its recognition, and finally made his visit on the auspicious day of the second month. He received the Truelku in a grand ceremony with joyful celebration and offered the glorious standing Tango Dzong and all the artefacts without any decrement.
Ascending to the seat of Drabi Lopen (Master of Lexicography)
After valuable service of benefits and legacies for twelve years at Tango, one auspicious day in 1999, upon the recommendation from the high profile, His Holiness the Je Khenpo appointed him as Drabi Lopen at Pungthim Central Monastic Body, a post equivalent to the ministerial level. He impartially served and brought tremendous changes to all the monastic centres. He toured all the twenty Rabdey Dratshangs accompanied by other senior officials and learnt the conditions of various monastic centres and their lacking. It was during that time, where he incepted the establishment of an Institute to bring all along together from various monastic centres to train and learn the elegant lessons for better services. He also contributed in drafting the Constitution as a member of the drafting committee.
Overseas Visits
His contribution in the religious education wasn’t only in the Bhutan, but has reached as far as Vietnam. Upon the command of His Holiness the 68th Je Khenpo Tenzin Dendup Rinpoche and Dratshang Lhentshog, His Late Eminence visited Vietnam in 1990s and gave preaching and empowerments on the Drukpa Teachings. It was learnt that the Vietnamese monks, nuns and lay people had transformed their intellect capacity and nurtured by his wisdom. It was later in 2006 and 2008, upon the invitation from the Religious community in Vietnam; His Eminence Late Geshey again visited consecutively and toured some parts of Vietnam. It was during that time, where His Late Lopen attracted huge crowd of devotees and administered mass teachings and blessings. Many practitioners (Clergy and Lay) Vietnamese could realized the profundity of Drukpa Teachings that have enshrined in its culture which have passed down many years. Even the exchange of culture started when the Vietnamese clergy and lay people come to Bhutan and received teachings and empowerments from His Late Eminence.
Establishment of Lekshed Jungney Shedra
It was then in 2002, where his inception was paid off, with the issue of royal command of His Majesty the fourth King and His Holiness, Lekshed Jungney Shedra was established under his farsighted vision. He over looked in all matters of the Shedra irrespective of his greater role and responsibility in the Pungthim Dratshang, as he was still in the post of Drabi Lopen till the end of 2004. Many well-disciplined monks and qualified with monastic education were recruited from various monastic centres to learn under his prestigious tutelage ship. A numberless of learned monks were nurtured from him and they are now in the high profile like chief abbot, professional principal, meditation master and lecturer in various monastic centres and Institute. His footsteps of great legacies are withstood to this time by his prominent disciples, upholding and disseminating the teachings lively at all times to come.
Druk Thuksey Award.
“Lopen Kinley Gyeltshen is an extraordinary Lama. Today most Lam Netens in various Rabdey Dratshangs (Head of District Clergy) and Shedra Khenpos across the country are those who studied under Lopen Kinley Gyeltshen”. His Majesty the King addressed to the nation. In recognition for his exemplary contribution towards religious education, His Eminent Professor (Geshey) Kinley Gyeltshen received the Druk Thuksey Medal which His Majesty the King awarded him on 17th December 2013, during the 106th National Day celebrations at Changlimithang, Thimphu.
It was an immense joy to be blessed by his charisma of receiving a high honor. “It is because of you all that I am rewarded today”. The radiance of joyful words brought all the disciples in tears, who have gathered to felicitate and offered the Life Long Prayers and footstools. Moment later, he was ushered into his chamber to have regular check up by Colonel (Dr) Rai, who had served him till his last breath.
The Grate Demise
The following days after the award were a profound grief when his chronic diseases deteriorated His Late Lopen’s health. The retinue of disciples requested to remain steadfast for the well fare of Dharma and sentient beings, but the anchoress with full enjoyment adorned had arrived to receive His Late Lopen.
Nevertheless, His Late Lopen said to offer the Dakini inspiration footstool. The assemblage of disciples offered the Dakini footstool and his life prolonged for five days. Nonetheless, Late Lopen realized that the illusory body had become incapable and decided to enter Nirvana with confessing all the errors in the three Vows. Upon the repeated request by the disciples, Late Lopen graciously accepted to be swiftly reincarnated in the Druk Yul for the sake of sentient beings, and followed by his passing words.
“Accumulate merit and abundance of demerits is essence. More profoundly, training and familiarization on the luminosity of acquaintance is crucial and should be realized. Serve the Doctrinal Teachings and one’s country; make no mistake to the paths on the three stages of intermediate states”. With these last words, His Eminent Geshey Kinley Gyeltshen, the former Drabi Lopen (Master of Lexicography) and a Spiritual Mentor, peacefully demised at his meditation home in Semtokha, Thimphu, around 8pm on the 30th day of the 10th month on January 1, 2014. He was 67.
He remained in a state of meditation or Thugdam for five days and once the late master completed his Thugdam, his sacred remains or Kudung was taken to Lekshed Jungney Shedra in Punakha and kept for 23 days. The Lam Netens of various Rabdey Dratshangs, Shedra Khenpos and hundreds of his disciples had gathered at Lekjung Shedra to perform Gonzog Sungchog for 49 days (Religious ceremony dedicated to the late Lopen Kinley Gyeltshen to fulfil and realize his spiritual wishes).
On the 23rd of the eleven month of Bhutanese calendar and 24th of January 2014, presided by His Holiness the 70th Je khenpo along with more than two hundred monks, His Eminent Geshey Kinley Gyeltshen’s sacred remains were offered to the retinue of white robbed goddess by opening the disk of the face and performing the Avaloketeshvara and Akshobaya Ceremony.
His profound legacies are to be realized and emphasized by those who purport to try to practice the supreme morality in their own lives should devote themselves to the cultivation of human minds, and this is the fundamental method of attaining the perfection of our own moral character.
Lamai Zhabten (Foot Stool for the Master)
A depository of Doctrinal teachings of all knowing Buddha, and
A spiritual teacher that guides to the ultimate liberation; 
Peerlessness in the victory of supreme Doctrine,
I offer footstool to you, Ngawang Lekshed Jamtsho.
Apprehending all the absolute qualities, well known.
Your radiance of elegant teachings unravels the oceanic learning;
And becomes the kinsman of those fortunate disciples.
We pray for your life longevity and prosperity; Great Lama.
Your lord, by the truth of our longing request and prayers,
May you remain as a crown head to all the subjects without
reverberating your life and agitating from the lion throne, and 
Spontaneously achieved your essential wishes and thoughts.

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