Friday, May 31, 2019

Ringsel (birth of relics of an enlightened Bodhisattva after cremation)

(Ringsel of HE Lam Karpo Rinpoche)
In Buddhism, we cremate the death body. As such we are left with nothing as the body are burnt and ashes are thrown into the river. 
However, it is a different story for the highly acclaimed Buddhist monk (Karmapa, Rinpoche, Khyentse, Khenpo, Trulku and so on). When their death body are burnt one can retrieve some remains from the ashes. The substance is thought to be accumulated from other realms, to be not quite of this world

Buddhists believe that the presence of ringsel proves the teacher achieved spiritual purity and that those who view the ringsel can be spiritually transformed.

Ringsel often come from past Buddhas or Bodhisattvas of the tenth level. If one has strong faith and devotion, thousands of relics often manifest from just one. It is essential to keep it in a very pure and clean place, cared for very well. Prayers and offerings should be done; otherwise it may not multiply.

These relic bones could be considered being a precipitation of bliss arising from the central nervous system of highly realized masters and the activity of the Bodhisattvas. 

These precious "ringsels" exude a powerful blessing, as they are from the very body of the Buddha. 
They are often used for the consecration of stupas, temples and shrines. Always treated with the utmost respect, they are kept in special, (preferably high) places and can also be worn for protection and blessings.

Usually they are not taken internally. However, they may be taken when one is very sick and close to death. When they are used like that, it is said that the essence of the "ringsel" rests at the crown of one's head.

For those with meditative concentration, the "ringsel" will quicken the opening of the crown chakra at the top of the central channel, helping to prevent the possibility of falling into the lower realms upon leaving the body in the moment of death. 

One who swallows the sacred relic will never go to hell! I have also swallowed a small piece of Buddha's ringsel. 
(My grand father {brother of my grand mother}Tsam Phento, who studied together with Je Trizur from Master  His Holiness Tenzin Jamtsho, close student of HH Tobden Shacha Shri)
My grandmother's brother Tshampa Phanto also left countless ringsel, which is kept at Wangduephordang Dzong. His ringsel are different from other with five colours  which now has turned into small statues based on the colour, white Chenrigzi, blue Chana Dorji etc. His ringsel is first of its kind. 

I also have many ringsels. Daily rituals and prayers are being performed to exude blessing to all sentient beings.

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