Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Penzog Gyelmo's Drupchu (Thinlaygang)

When Travelling to Wangdue or Punakha from Thimphu after crossing Thinleygang one will come across Penzo Gyelmo's Drupchu (holy water). The source of the holy water is from a steep solid rock cliff.

Below the cliff, by the side of the road a Chorten that houses water driven prayer wheel was built and the blissful Drupchhu drives the wheel earlier. Unfortunately, the course of water got changed to the other side and the prayer wheel remained symbolic and static.

Recently while passing by I stopped to collect a bottle of Drupchhu (that will be added with other Drupchhu in my Bumpa). 

Penzo Gyelmo's Drupchu is generally used for cleansing defilements. There are 10 defilements, they are: 

(1) greed (lobha), 
(2) hate (dosa), 
(3) delusion (moha), 
(4) conceit (māna), 
(5) speculative views (diṭṭhi),
(6) Skeptical doubt (vicikicchā),
(7) Mental torpor (thīna), 
(8) restlessness (uddhacca); 
(9) shamelessness (ahirika),
(10) Lack of moral dread or un-conscientiousness. 

The other defilement also includes defilement caused due to birth, sickness and death. 
It is believe that the cliff from where the Drupchu flows is a hidden land called bayul.
Many story surround the Drupchhu. It is believed that a 16-year-old cow herder from Toep Silina was hidden in the cliff and as compensation; the holy water was then gifted for the village which then faced severe water shortage.
Others believe that the Drupchu was a gift from the local deity called Penzo Gyelmo. The cliff from where the Drupchu flows is actually the abode of Penzo Gyelmo and Ap Chundue.

Locals also believe that the cliff above the Drupchu had an entrance to bayul. According to villager, an old man, looking for his lost white bull reached the cliff where he heard religious instruments, dung and jaling, playing. He entered the cliff through a narrow passage and saw people attaining complete bliss inside the cliff. When he remembered his home and family, he reached his home in an instant, He didn't know that time had past so fast while he was in the bayul. He saw his son, a baby when he left, become older than him.

Throughout the year the drupchhu remain clear. It is warm in the morning and evening. Most of the traveler stops here to drink and collect bottle or two. 
I also always make a point to drink the Drupchu whenever I pass by. I feel relived and blessed. 

So friends, don't zoomed out, stop by and have some Drupchu la.

Cultivate Generous Thought and practice giving gifts to the Sanghas.

The Buddha once explained that it is a meritorious act even to throw away the water after washing one's plate with the generous thought:...