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Lhamo Ekajati

(Lhamo Ekajati statue offered by Lam Sonam Zangpo's Yangse Trulku Rinpoche  and his Yum Damchae Dem at Pasakha Monastery.)
Lhamo Ekajati is the principal guardian of the Dzogchen teachings.  Enlightened from the very beginning, Lhamo Ekajati is a direct emanation of primordial wisdom, Samantabhadri, who is the feminine aspect of the primordial Buddha Samantabhadra.  As the primordially enlightened one, Samantabhadri, Lhamo Ekajati has all-knowing wisdom regarding the teachings of Dzogchen. 
Lhamo Ekajati visibly manifests in a particularly wrathful form in order to subjugate the very powerful and potentially destructive class of beings called ‘mamo.’  “Ekajati” means “one tuft of hair,” which is symbolic of wisdom.  What is unique about her physical form is that she is one-eyed, one-toothed, and one-breasted.  These features symbolize non-dual awareness. 

As chief protectors of the Dzogchen teachings, she may make contact with a terton of Dzogchen master when the time is ripe to reveal a certain teaching, or terma. 

In Bhutan the main abode of Lhamo Ekajati is at Tumdra Ney.  She is highly revered by both the Buddhists and the Hindus.
(At Tundra Ney with Lama Sonam Zangpo's Ysngse Trulku Rinpoche)
The Hindu worship Ekajati as Mahakali or supreme mother who is the consort of Lord Shiva, one of the most powerful gods in the Hindu religion. The Hindu believe that when the goddess died, lord Shiva flew the corpses around the world and somewhere along the journey, the body of the Mahakali split into 51 parts, which then descended on earth. According to this legend, the right leg of Mahakali, fell in Tumdra Ney while the heart fell in Kalighat in Kolkata, India.  One eye is believed to have fallen at Riwo Duntik Ney, Phuentsholing.
(Hindu God Mahakali)

To know more about Tumdra ney refer:

Brief Offering Prayer to Ekajaṭī
by Mipham Rinpoche
ཧཱུྂ། ཀུན་ཏུ་བཟང་མོ་ཡེ་ཤེས་ཁྲོས་པའི་རྩལ། 
hung, kuntuzangmo yeshe tröpé tsal
Hūṃ! Samantabhadrī’s wrathful wisdom emanation,
ying kyi gyalmo ekadzati ma
Mother Ekajaṭī, Queen of Space,
yeshe lé dang jikten mamö tsok
And the hosts of maternal spirits—of wisdom, with special karma and the worldly:
sol lo chö do cholwé trinlé dzö
We supplicate you! We make this offering to you! Carry out the activities we request!
by Ajita

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