Sunday, April 21, 2019

The twelfth emanation of Noble Lady, Tara Tashi Donjed.

Noble Lady,  Tara Tashi Donjed, Accomplishing Auspiciousness, Who Brings Timely Seasons, Posterity, Glory and Harmony to the land.

Tara Tashi Donje means “Tara who actualizes auspiciousness”. Tashi means “auspicious circumstances” and Donje means “fulfilling” or “actualizing”. In particular, this Tara is renowned for bringing harmony and balance. Internally she brings health and physical balance and externally she brings timely seasons, good harvests, healthy children, and prosperity. With her help all becomes, as it should be.
om jetsünma pakma drolma la chaktsal lo
Homage to the noble lady Tārā!
chaktsal dawé dumbü ugyen
Homage to you, so brightly adorned,
gyenpa tamché shintu bar ma
With a sliver of moon as your crown,
ralpé trö na öpakmé lé
Your locks always graced by Amitābha,
takpar shintu ö rab dzé ma
Whose gleaming rays stream forever forth.

The twelfth homage is to Tara, Tashi Dongyed Dolma, the “One Who Bestows Auspiciousness” who brings timely rain, helps with childbirth, and makes places auspicious. 
This golden Tara sits on blue lotus and holds an auspicious knot. From the rays of her crescent moon diadem, showers of nectar fall, improving crops and vegetation. 
Clear and brilliant white light radiates from all of her precious jewels and silken attire. Amitabha, the lord of her Buddha family sits on her black hair knot. From him too, boundless unceasing compassionate rays shine for the benefit of sentient beings. 
These rays bring a shower of auspicious signs and articles. 
They cleanse the poisonous bad omens of animate and inanimate existence, causing all beings and their environments to enjoy perfect, glorious, auspiciousness. 
The ultimate meaning of the first line is ‘direct perception,’ the second line means the ‘enhancing experience’ and the last two of the lines mean ‘the completion stage of the expansion of primordial wisdom and kayas of the fourth empowerment (Word).

On the throne of lotus and moon appears Noble Lady Tara Tashi Doonjed, golden in color, with one face and two arms. She sits in the dismounting posture. 
Her right hand is in the mudra of supreme charity. Her left hand, in the mudra of the Three Jewels, holds the stem of an utpala flower, which blooms at her ear. 
On its pistil is an auspicious glorious knot shining with light. Light radiates from Noble Lady, the infinite knot, crescent moon and Amitabha, showering the rain of auspicious symbols. 

Meditate that it removes the poison of the inauspicious circumstances of the animate and inanimate, thus establishing the entire world and beings in perfect balance, and recite the mantra.

Cultivate Generous Thought and practice giving gifts to the Sanghas.

The Buddha once explained that it is a meritorious act even to throw away the water after washing one's plate with the generous thought:...