Friday, April 12, 2019

The 10th emanation of Tara, Jigten Sumle Gyalma

Noble Lady Tara Jigten Sumle Gyalma, Victorious Over the Three Worlds, Who Overpowers the Universe. The title Jigten Sumle Gyalma means “Tara who gains victory over all the three worlds”. 
Her special power is to protect us against distraction by worldly activities. She is associated with red colour.
om jetsünma pakma drolma la chaktsal lo
Homage to the noble lady Tārā!
chaktsal rabtu gawa jipé
Homage to you, supremely joyous,
ugyen ö kyi trengwa pelma
Your splendorous crown spreading garlands of light.
shyepa rab shyé tuttara yi
Smiling and laughing, with tuttāre
dü dang jikten wang du dzé ma
You bring the world and demons under control.

The tenth homage is to Jigten Sumgyal, “Victorious Over Three Worlds”, who subjugates worldly beings. She is red and holds a victory banner. Multi-colored lights radiate from her crown, giving perfect joy and fulfilling the temporal and ultimate wishes according to the desires of beings. By saying the TUTTARE mantra melodiously with the eight attributes of laughter, (of the wrathful deity) she confuses and subjugates the demonic lords of the (sensory god realm), who are known as the “Controllers of Other’s Emanation”. 

She also subjugates kings, ministers, sorcerers, and wealthy householders and leads them to the path of liberation. In the root text, “the outer phenomena change only when self-appearances transform.” Therefore, subjugation is possible if the intention of the spiritual mother (non-dual emptiness-compassion) is attained, and there is no alternate method. 
The inner meaning is the four joys subjugate demons and afflictions. The subjugation of the three doors by blissful primordial wisdom is subjugation of the three worlds.
She sits in the dismounting posture. Her right hand is in the mudra of supreme charity. Her left hand, in the mudra of the Three Jewels, holds an utpala flower blooming at her ear. On its pistil is a victory banner. 
Intense light emanates from her body and the victory banner, overpowering all the gods of the Realm of Desire. 

The mantra of her speech, endowed with the eight modes of laughter, HA HAA, HI HII, HE HAI, HO HAU, subjugates all the gods of Zhentrul Wangjed.

Imagine that all beings respectfully pay homage to you and recite the mantra.

Cultivate Generous Thought and practice giving gifts to the Sanghas.

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