Monday, April 22, 2019

In Praise of the Özer Chenma (Goddess Marici)

Ozer Chenma has the power to withdraw and eliminate calamity. She travels in front of the sun 365 days a year and vowed to protect dharma disciples day and night. 

To get her protection, stop eating pork (pig) and recite the following prayer. 

༄༅། །ལྷ་མོ་འོད་ཟེར་ཅན་ལ་བསྟོད་པ།
In Praise of the Goddess Mārīcī

om, lhamo özer chenma la chaktsal lo
Oṃ! Homage to the goddess Mārīcī!

chaktsal dü kyi dü dra chenmo
Homage to her, the great enemy of the māras!

shyen gyi mitub nampar jomma
Utterly invincible, vanquisher of all,

nyima dawé dün né dro shying
She who travels before the sun and moon,

chusin gyaltsen nampar tröma
And drives away Makaradhvaja, God of Desire

khyö la solwa tabpa tsam gyi
Simply by praying to you,

dra yi pung ni nampar chom shik
May the hosts of opposing forces be destroyed!

sé dang yé dang tré mong jerwé
Slay them, divide them, drive them away, confuse them and disperse them,

chok lé namgyal ngödrub tsol chik
And grant us the siddhi of total victory over all adversity!

དུས་འཁྲུགས་གི་འཇིགས་པ་སྐྱོབ་ཕྱིར་རིག་འཛིན་འཇིགས་བྲལ་གླིང་པས་སོ།། །།

The vidyādhara Jikmé Lingpa wrote this in order to bring protection from fear in these turbulent times.
(Marichi (Tibetan: ozer chen ma): the Goddess of the Dawn. 
At the top is red Marichi with one face and two hands riding a horse. In the upraised right hand is a red sun. The left hand holds a white lotus flower. She rides atop a white horse above a very large image of the sun.  The large red circular sun is gold fringed and adorned in the center with three-legged crow, portrayed here as a golden rooster. Below that is Marichi in her obstacle removing form, yellow in colour, with three faces and eight hands, riding on a chariot drawn by seven sows)

Cultivate Generous Thought and practice giving gifts to the Sanghas.

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