Saturday, March 9, 2019

Interpretation of our Bhutanese Citizenship ID number

Your Bhutanese Citizenship Card Number gives you the following information.
There are 11 digits number
My Citizenship ID card No. is 11404000581. Now let us interpret.
The First Digit (1) represents the Status of your census. So I am Bhutanese. The first digit could be 1, 2 or 3.
  • Form 1 (Bhutanese): 1
  • Form 4 (Mothers/fathers are Non- Bhutanese): 2
  • Form 5 (No regular census status): 3 

The second & Third digits (14) represent your Dzongkhang. 14 means I am from Thimphu Dzongkhang.
The Dzongkhag serial number are given in an alphabetical order as follows:
  1. Bumthang: 01
  2. Chukha: 02
  3. Dagana: 03
  4. Gasa: 04
  5. Haa: 05
  6. Lhuntse: 06
  7. Mongar: 07
  8. Paro: 08
  9. Pema Gatshel: 09
  10. Punakha: 10
  11. Samdrup Jongkhar: 11
  12. Samtse: 12
  13. Sarpang: 13
  14. Thimphu: 14
  15. Trashigang: 15
  16. Trashi Yangtse: 16
  17. Trongsa: 17
  18. Tsirang: 18
  19. Wangdue Phodrang: 19
  20. Zhemgang: 20 

The Fourth & Fifth digits represent the serial number of my Gewog in alphabetical order. So (04) mean I am from 4th Gewog of Thimphu Dzongkhang. Kindly note that there could be slight errors especially in Gewog numbering as some changes was made later and numbering was given much before.

And the final six digits represent your actual individual serial number in your Gewog.
For example, my CID ends with the number ‘000581’, so I am the 581th person in my Gewog. The main purpose of having six digits is to create space so that Gewog can include people up to 999,999 in future if there is rise in population.

So My Citizenship ID card No. 11404000581 means:
I am (in Form 1) Bhutanese, from Thimphu Dzongkhang under Geney Gewog. I am 581st person in my Gewog. 

Please note that if your numbering system are not as per the above interpretation, don’t worry, it could be due to change in census from one Dzongkhang to another. Your ID card remains same.

Now please interpret yourself referring your CID Number.
Note: I have posted this in my Facebook page long time back.

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