Friday, March 8, 2019

Buddhist philosophy in line with International Women’s day theme.

The theme ”better the balance, better the world” is also so relevant even with the Buddhist philosophy.

Every dharma practitioners aspire to get enlightenment for the benefits of all sentient beings.  The enlightenment is possible only when female and male energies are both fully present. Tara practices are generally carried out to bring enlightened female energy into our lives and that is reason all lamas and Rinpoche’s practices Tara Sadhana.

In Vajrayana Buddhism, female deities represent the feminine aspect of enlightenment. There are three categories of female deities, Peaceful forms like Tara, Semi-Wrathful forms like Vajrayogini, Wrathful forms such as the female protector Palden Lhamo.  In fact Palden Lhamo is our country’s protector.

All above deities has a male counterpart, because male and female aspects are both necessary for enlightenment. In fact, both are necessary throughout the spiritual path. The union of masculine and feminine energies is key to our ultimate spiritual freedom. Without the male or female aspect, there is no enlightenment: there is no union of wisdom and method; there is no union of clear light and illusion body; there is no union of mind and body.

So women have to balance with male, spiritually, socially, culturally, and politically. They should represent equally in all areas of male dominance through their efforts which is lacking at the moment.

If they do better the balance, better the world”.  

So think equal, build smart and innovate for change. It is high time. 

Enjoy the day.

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