Wednesday, March 20, 2019

An elephant on the rock and story behind the importance of the cliff

An elephant is a symbol of the strength of the mind in Buddhism. Exhibiting noble gentleness, the precious elephant serves as a symbol of the calm majesty possessed by one who is on the path. Specifically, it embodies the boundless powers of the Buddha, which are miraculous aspiration, effort, intention, and analysis.

While you hardly hear presence of an elephant in Thimphu nonetheless be content with a motionless elephant on the rock. 

You can see a self-created stone elephant on a rock cliff at Kharsumchi (4 km from Chuzom to Thimphu Highway). 

During road widening of Thimphu-Paro highway in 2008, there was plan to cut and bull doze the cliff facing a Chorten at Kharsumchi to make space for double line road. The other side was restricted due to deep valley. 

When excavator operator stretched his boom bucket to cut the cliff, three pythons appeared from nowhere, with hissing sound watched furiously from the top of the cliff in total disagreement. The operator seeing the snakes fainted and all of sudden the place became dreadful. The News also appeared in Kuensel and BBS.

Luckily, as the cutting work stopped, the snakes also retreated back inside the cliff. People considered this as a good sign that warned not to destroy the cliff as it houses Jetsun Dema. 
Thereafter, people started worshipping the snakes by offering milk. Many visitors especially traveller continued to thronged the area to offer their prayers and milks. During that period even a care taker (late Dagop Wangchu) was appointed to look after the snakes and time-to-time offer the milk.

Later, when the widening of road was completed by raising huge retention wall on the other side without disturbing the cliff, the snake also disappeared.
It is said that the Tara chorten on the adjacent, houses 21 Taras (Dema Neshu Chachi). During the consecration a count was made and found one Tara missing. When search was carried, a voice was heard from the cliff confirming she (Tara) was residing there.

It reminds how divine it was in the olden days. Bhutan was the paradise for even God and goddess. The whitish image below the elephant ear was considered Dolma Terma.

The eyes on the elephant were painted upon the instruction by His Majesty the King. The Army from Wang Chumdo power Substation did the job.

I always glance at the elephant whenever I pass by. I have posted similar article in the year 2012 also.

Please behold the rock elephant whenever you all pass by.

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