Friday, February 8, 2019

The origin of Choitse

In the olden days carpenters were the main skilled worker who built beautiful dzongs monasteries and houses. 

Unfortunately, their workmanship was not given due importance. Always it was the painter that gets all the credit and comes in the limelight.

When people see newly built house, they will not enquire about the carpenter who built the house, but only appreciate the painters. They will say Woh! The painting of the house is too good whoever is the painter.

The general public appreciation towards painter has driven nuts on the carpenters. They got demoralized and were very angry. One day all carpenters called a meeting and devised strategy to counter the painters.

This is how a Choitse craving was developed which was painstakingly made and placed on top of the Pem. Carpenters were very happy about the outcome and talked to each other saying, "Now let us see how painters will paint Choitse (small checker board like patterns) and watched the move of the painters.

The painters initially struggled to paint on many small tiny patterns. It was too difficult for them. They than said La Kha Du! (Very difficult) OH! Lha Kha and Kha dhi marp en (Oh mouth is red) and they painted Choitse all red ditching the very effort of the carpenters. This is the very reason how Choitse was originated and why Choitse was painted red.

Still today, you will find painter getting all the credit.

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