Monday, February 4, 2019

Our belly should not be a burial place

Think seriously please.

I went to a hotel with a friend for lunch. The moment we sat on the chair, the waiter merrily came to take order. One of my friend asked what type of curry do they serve.

To this the waiter replied, sikam Paa, pork curry, pork ribs, kanchu, Norsha kam, Geap, chicken curry, mutton fried or mutton with Joel, emadatsi and mixed vegetable curry.

To me it awfully sounded Dried pig, pig curry, pig ribs, pig legs, dried cow/Ox, cow stomach, cock/hen curry, goat fried or goat with soup, emadatsi and mixed vegetable curry.

Daily each hotel prepare these many varieties of animals, imagine the number of animals that required to be killed to maintain such varieties.

These animals are killed mercilessly.

Pigs are killed either by hitting on their nose with rod or piercing through their heart by sharp rod.

Cows are killed by cutting their throat or by piercing their heart using long sharp knife.

Goat are killed by chopping off their head with big knife.

Cock/hens are killed by either twisting their head or chopping head off.

Hotel/restaurant are no doubt a place where animals are roasted, fried and served. It is preparatory place for animal's dead bodies.

When human die, either dead bodies are burnt or buried.

Animals burial place is now inside human stomach. What an impure body we are making ourselves and then visiting monasteries and temples praying, lighting butter lamp and prostrating. NO USE ladies and gentlemen.

The more you eat at hotel, the more animals life are at strike. Consumer are indirect killer of innocent animals.

If there is no demand, there won't be any supply. Please think carefully and act.

Please be Vegetarian and stay as fresh as vegetables. May god bless you.