Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Ghewa of a living person assumed death after long disappearance

We do come across a situation where some people go missing and they never return nor they can be traced. 

When such missing people failed to appear and years lapses there is no alternative on the part of the family to assume that the person as dead. 

Performance of ghewa being an essential post death ritual in our Buddhist culture, the same has to be performed for all person as well as who are assumed death. Family undertakes death rites of a missing person in absenteeism.

But if Ghewa is performed and later on the person comes back to home, the person should not be allowed to enter house directly. The person has to stay out for some days and need to undergo the reversal rituals to nullify Ghewa performed for the person assumed as death. I forgot the exact term of this reversal ritual.

Only then the person is allowed to enter the house. Otherwise they carry evil spirits and harm the family.

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