Tuesday, February 26, 2019

General prediction of rainfall through a single illustration.

Bhutanese astrology can predict exact rainfall, snowfall, windstorm, and lunar and solar eclipse.

The predictions are given in the summary on each lunar month in the Datho (Almanac). I remember two decades back I used to refer that and tell my friend about rainfall and it do rain on that predicted day. They used to  wonder how I know it.

However, now due to heavy disturbance to the environment by pollution, the accuracy of the prediction is slowly going down. A time might come one day  that all prediction will end in false and then the rain prediction part in the Datho  will see its last day. So sad.

The general rainfall of the year is actually summarized in an image (please refer).

Here you have to observe the shoes put on by a man in the picture and the prediction is as follow:

  • If both shoes are worn, there will be less rainfall.
  • If only one shoe is worn, the rainfall of the year is neutral.
  • If a man is seen without the shoes, there will be heavy rain.

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