Thursday, January 10, 2019

Remedial measures for poor Wellbeing properties

Yesterday I have posted about the Wellbeing Properties and the astrological charts for the Earth Female Pig Year 2019. I have received good response from friends. At the same time many are also worried, as some of the astrological forces are found black and asking me the remedy. So below are some of the remedies that may be followed to pacify the negativity of different forces.


In the Dar-Gue chart (see the image) if your life force is "X" means your life is Bad. And if it is "XX" it indicates your life force is Worst this year. 

Remember our body is comprised of elements and winds, and the life force is the kind of force that holds those elements together. When the life force is weak/worst, the winds and elements scatter and a person dies. 

To restore your life force you should:

1. Consult an astrologer or Lam and perform a la-lu and long-life practices

2. Make Tsa-tsa (clay Stupa) quantity equal to your age, consecrate and place it on clean rocky cliff that is not affected by rain. 

3. Attend a long-life empowerment.   

4. Recite Tshe-Zung 

5. Free animals from slaughterhouse. This activity will increase your life. If possible try to free Cattle, if not than Goat. Even if is not possible than free poultry. Even if that is difficult thank buy and free fishes.

6. Avoid eating meat.

7. Perform propitiations for the family and local protectors and Dharma protector.

By doing that your life force can be restored.


If health is "XX" in the Dar-Gu chart (See image) than your general heath will be worst this year. You will face many health problems (illness) through out the year. It can be termed as "year of sickness" for you. Pregnancy is also high and child that is born will be of immature type and likely to be sick most of the time.

To avert illness, you should always maintain good health hygiene. Maintain cleanliness everywhere. If possible clean the surrounding of the monasteries. Offer white washing or painting of monastery or Chorten (Stupa). Offer money to the monks. Perform rituals.

Always ensure one color of your birth element cloth (Vest/shirt/ half paint) is worn all the time. Any piercing or surgery should be avoided. 

If children is suffering from prolong sickness, than their name also should be changed.  Lujur Ja Menjur Ja means change cloth and change name.

Avoid visiting cremation, new birthplace and construction site.

C. WANGTAG (Power)

Please note that I am not mentioning the positive wangta as good will is good always. I am focusing only on the bad wangta so that timely remedial measures are carried out to prevent losses.

If you check and find your Wangta "X" and "XX" in the Dar-Gue chart, your wealth has a risk of slipping away and leaving you destitute this year. You will hardly have money in your hand.  No money means a difficult life. And there is also danger of loosing your other wealth. 

Therefore, you need to be extra careful and not to lose wealth this year. 

The followings are some of the measures you need to do to improve Wangta power to stabilize the bad elements:

1. Practice charity
2. Conduct wealth summoning practices (Dzambhala), occasionally conduct chakhu yangchu ritual.
3. Clean and take care of religious centers.
4. Avoid risky investments.
5. Practice generosity
6. Make lots of offering
7. Stop buying and selling business.

Wangta is especially important for woman as Lungta is for man.

D. LUNGTA (Wind Horse)

Lungta is very critical for male. If one’s lung-ta is low obstacles constantly arises. When lung-ta is high good opportunities abound. 

In the Dar-Gue chart if your Lungta is marked "X" & "XX" than there will be continuous trouble coming one after another. On the other side If Lungta is good or marked "OOO" than it can easily pacify other life forces even if they are black (like Life force, Lu and La). 

The remedial measure to increase your Lungta is to raise number of Wind Horse Prayer Flag based on your birth sign:

1. Tiger, Horse, Dog: Yellow or Green
2. Rat, Dragon, Monkey: Deep Blue or Yellow
3. Pig, Sheep, Rabbit: Green or White
4. Fire: Bird, Ox, Snake: White or Red

It is also very important to see a good day to hoist the flag, otherwise instead of bringing good luck it will bring continues bad luck as long as flag remains on the pole or rope. So be bit careful on this. Prior to hoisting, the prayer flags require consecration by a Lama.

E. LA (Soul)

La or soul is the fifth life forces. In the Yungdrung Bön tradition, the soul is known as la.  According to sutra, the soul is defined as the innermost, subtle essence of the five elements of space, air, fire, water and earth. It is somewhat similar to the life force but concerned with the emotional or psychological state of a person in a particular year. 

Generally, astrologers don't use this. But, I feel it is very important because it will predict about the state of your mentality.

Refer, Dar-Gue chart under your birth sign. If you find your La with "X" or "XX" than your emotional state of mind will not be stable this year. You will always experience anxiety, worrisome and depression.  Your soul tends to go out from your body. If it does than you will become mad. 

Remedial measure:

According to texts, “Virtue is the mother of the soul.”  Therefore, acts of virtue strengthen the force of the soul.  Show respect to elders, teachers and monk/lamas. Always think good of others. Give alms to the poor. Avoid eating meat, etc.

You have to also consult astrologer and perform rituals to appease local deity and other dakinis to strengthen your soul or bring back your soul.

Have a great day.

Cultivate Generous Thought and practice giving gifts to the Sanghas.

The Buddha once explained that it is a meritorious act even to throw away the water after washing one's plate with the generous thought:...