Friday, January 18, 2019

Prayer flags and Reldri Khorlo

Prayer Flags are very significant in the life of Bhutanese people. Be it birth, living or death, it is one consolation feature that binds us with our religion to ease our negativities and console our mind.

Prayer flag no doubt is a part of our life and different types of prayer flags are hoisted for different purposes. They contain certain mantras that has the potential to ward off the spirits and enhance the luck. 

Blue - Health and Longevity - Tsa La Nam Sum  

White - Purification of Karma -Vajrasattva.

Red - Wish Fulfilling Prayer- Sampa Lhundrup 

Green - Compassion Prayer - Praise to the 21 Taras 

Yellow - Victory over Obstacles - Gyaltsan Semo

An astrologer must be consulted to find good day to hoist prayer flag. It is to be remembered that if prayer flag is hoisted on Sadag Badhen day than it will only bring bad energy till prayer flag are exhausted in the atmosphere.

The following are inauspicious date according to the Bhutanese’s lunar calendar to hoist flags.

* Days 10, 22 of Months 1, 5, 9
* Days 7, 19 of Months 2, 6, 10
* Days 4, 16, 28 of Months 3, 7, 11
* Days 1, 13, 25 of Months 4, 8, 12

A monk should consecrate prayer flag before it is hoisted.

Until the time of Rabney please attach a bunch of thorny bush to the pole to ward off all the evil spirits from attaching themselves to the prayer flag. 

The Redri and the prayer flag should be hoisted facing north direction.

When hoisting near our house it should be either hoisted in the north or south and not to east and west.

When a prayer flag is put inside the soil, the distance between the flag and the ground level should be one meter (Dom gang).

The distance between the khorlo and the flag should be 30 cm or one foot (Chhu gang).

The space between the two plates is known as Zhingkham and the distance should be 50 mm (2 inches). 

The nail should be made from the same kind of pole tree or bamboo.
The Reldri Khorlo should be made as per diagram I have drawn. Many people make errors in making Reldri Khorlo. This mistake should be avoided.

Some points should be noted when hoisting flags:

- While hoisting a prayer flag for the living people, attach the Chenrize mantra (Hung) at the side of the post and (Om) should be flown in the air (opposite-right to left) because the blessings will come towards us since we are not dead. 
- While hoisting a prayer flag for the death persons, (Om) should be at the side of post and (Hung) flown in the air because the blessings go outward to benefit the death person. 

Good luck.

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