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Benefits of offering butter lamp ( Karmi)

Keep lighting.
In Avatamsaka sutra it says, “Offering Lamps can dispel all darknesses.”

In the Treasury of Bodhisattvas Sutra, it says, “Offering 10,000 bright lamps to confess and extinguish hosts of negative karma and defilements.”

In Cakrasamvara Tantra it says, “If you wish for sublime realizations, offer hundreds of lights.” Cakrasamvara Tara includes Vajra Yogini. 

In the Sutra of Giving, it says, “Those who offer lamps, will possess the pure heavenly eyes and clear wisdom in the future.”

Benefits are:

1. One obtains bright, beautiful and good eyes.

2. One has proper understanding and views.

3. One will easily obtain the ‘heavenly eye’, and can see distant and subtle phenomenon.

4. One does not break precepts.

5. One’s wisdom is perfect, and will attain to nirvana. One will obtain the wisdom that discriminates between what is to be virtuous and non-virtuous.

6. One’s performance of virtue will not be hindered by difficulties or obstacles.

7. One is often able to see Buddhas and becomes the eye for all sentient beings.

8. One can take rebirth as a wheel-turning lord king, king in the Trayastrimsha Heaven, or king in the Brahma Heaven.

9. At the point of death, one will recall virtuous dharma without forgetting and all those positive deeds done while living will appear in the mind; one will have joy in the mind and recall the Buddha; the body and mind will be pure without any worries or suffering at point of death.

10. Both eyes and four limbs will always be free from defects.

11. One will be healthy and the vocal cords will be soft and flexible and one’s voice will be charming and beautiful.

12. One’s mind will be clear and bright with intelligence, not affected by stupidity.

13. One’s life will be stable and peaceful and all necessities will be sufficient, one’s mind will be free from fears.

14. One’s wealth will increase and body and mind will be free and liberated.

15. One’s body will be healthy and strong, filled with vitality.

16. One will not have verbal feuds, clashes or quarrels with others. One can travel (the world) without any worries and without creating any kleshas or disturbing emotions or give rise to ignorance.

17. One will not do anything out of a hazy and confused mind. One will not be easily misled by external factors.

18. One will not take rebirth in a dark and gloomy place.

19. One will possess great merits

20. One will not run into any mishaps while travelling or walking like stepping on unclean substances, be free from fear of dogs or wolves and their barks or howls, one will not fall and hurt oneself and not drop into pits and lose one’s life.

Recite this short prayer ( there are many prayers for offering butter lamp) whenever you offer butter lamp. 

༄༅། །མར་མེའི་སྨོན་ལམ་བཞུགས་སོ།།
Light Offering Prayer
by Mipham Rinpoche

rigpa kadak nangsal marmé di
This brightly shining lamp of primordial pure awareness

rigdzin kyilkhor pejung lha la bul
We offer to Padmākara and the deities of the maṇḍala of vidyādharas

rigpé gar khyab magyur drowa nam
Wherever awareness pervades, may all mother-like sentient beings,

riktong chökü gopang tobpar shok
Realize the dharmakāya – unity of awareness and emptiness.

Written by Mipham.

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