Thursday, December 13, 2018

The first man to use gun in Bhutan

Penlop Haap was one of the many Son of App Chungdud. He was gifted with many treasures weapons and wealth by his father. 

It was said that  Penlop Haap used to wear beautiful and expensive ghos in seven layers when other people could hardly afford  one such gho in their entire lifetime. 

Each layer of his gho was more beautiful and expensive than the other. Within each layer he hides different types of knives. During his casual meeting with Zhabdrung Jigme Norbu, Penlop Haap is known to have showed all seven layers of ghos and knives to Zhabdrung. 

During one of the festivals in Haa a fight took place between Penlop Haap and one person. In the fight Penlop Haap had refused to use his knife where everybody actually expected of him since it was known to all about the hidden knives. 

All of sudden people heard a sound of gunfire and his enemy was flat on the ground. While some people speculated on the kind of weapon he used, many wondered what type of weapon it was since none had seen a gun before. 

Most people today believe that Penlop Haap may be the first person to have used gun in Bhutan and that it was gifted by App Chungdud. 

Since most of us don't know this history, I am posting such to update your knowledge. If you know more please share. 

Note: image of gun is just indicative.

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