Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Prayer Flags can harm you if you hoist on bad days

We put up prayer flags to increase lungta, to bring luck & success, to help deceased to pave ways in the bardo, or to stabilize the environment. So it very important to hoist in a good day after performing rabney on the flags.

Kindly note that if you put them up on the wrong astrological dates (paden tharwo or Sabda Baden/ Barnam), you or person to whom you have hoisted the flags will continuously receive obstacles. For as long as the prayer flags last, obstacles will continuously arise. 

The following are the  dates according to the Bhutanese/Tibetan calendar that one has to avoid hoisting prayer/Lungta flags.

* Days 10, 22 of Months 1, 5, 9
* Days 7, 19 of Months 2, 6, 10
* Days 4, 16, 28 of Months 3, 7, 11
* Days 1, 13, 25 of Months 4, 8, 12

Remember them.

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