Wednesday, December 5, 2018

A very happy Lomba (New year)

Tomorrow is the beginning of New Year for Parop and Haap. It is called Lomba. “Lo” means year and “Ba” means to carry, indicating that another year is now carried forward leaving behind the past.

Every year Lomba is observed from 29th day of the 10th month until 1st of 11th month in Lunar Calendar, considered as their new year.

Lomba  is also gathering  of families and enjoying the festivity collectively. As such every member of the house, irrespective of where they are, will try to be present with their family in Paro and Haa. This happy occasion is also a kind of auspicious omen, which should stay in the family for another year till next Lomba.

Lomba is considered as the occasions where people of the locality eat one dish the 'Hontey', local dumplings made only by Haap.

Hontey is associated with celebration and good fortune and, therefore, is not made when there is a death or illness in the home.
However, people of Paro will not prepare these stuffs instead they have their own grand food items to celebrate the occasion. It is fanfare for Paro and Haa. Please enjoy the Day.

Happy LOMBA to all my friends in Haa and Paro.

May App Chundu bless you all during the occasion.

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